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  • Brand analysis
  • Consulting
  • Copywriting
    • Blogging
    • Technical writing
    • Long-form content
    • Medical content
  • Editing
    • Short content​
    • Long-form content
    • Academic content
    • Medical content
  • Google and Social Advertising
  • Social media
    • Content creation​
    • Post design
    • Content scheduling
  • Photography, Video, Editing
    • On a per-project basis​
  • Research
    • Academic research
    • Competitor review
    • Industry review
    • Medical research
  • Resume & CV Building
    • Editing​
    • Consulting
    • Creation


Nancy is a South Florida native that has been working in
the marketing industry since 2013. At any given time, 

likely that she's typing happily in Erie, PA.

When she's not busy "adult-ing," she can often be caught

in the acts of:


  • taking her two dogs, Maurice and Dita,
    on leisurely walks throughout town 

  • writing short stories featuring characters with 
    questionable moral integrity

  • listening to the 10-hour loop of Epic Sax Guy 
    if she really needs to get things done


She is a writer, an editor, and an upstanding dog-lady. 


Even though she writes custom marketing content and

organizes client accounts for most of the day, she is often

creatively tormented enough to write a short story or poem.

Two stories written during her high school years were published

during the dark ages of the internet to websites now gone astray. 


The search for said publications is still pending.


Following her graduation from Florida State University with bachelor's degrees in literature and philosophy, she attended the University of South Florida and earned a master's degree in information science. She is currently working as the head of marketing operations for the Buffalo, NY marketing, design, and consulting agency, Pitch + Pivot.

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