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I'm a believer that we shouldn't be pumping out written content with a formula. 


I also believe that we shouldn't believe everything we read on the internet. It's hard in this age of listicles to really figure out what's real or not. Misinformation is everywhere; we can see it on our Facebook profiles causing debates left and right. That's why I spent such a long time working in research throughout my undergraduate and graduate studies. All that isn't forgotten when I'm creating content.


Even if today's most popularly requested blogs are Top Ten lists, there's no reason to trade off truth to spend a little less time writing. In the end, quality and trustworthy writing is what converts leads and keeps people coming back for more. 


In the end, writing compelling copy is like a puzzle – hopefully with fewer clichéd analogies. It takes time and finesse, but the experience of researching and creating a final piece ready for my client's publication is what drives me.


But that's only half of the puzzle, with editing being the sweet cherry that goes on top. Even if it may go unnoticed, I like paying attention to detail by reviewing the grammar and clarity in my original pieces and those I edit for my clients. It's the little things, like putting commas in the right places, that can make or break the meaning of a piece. So, I'll go down fighting for the oxford comma and, in the meantime, ensure that my copywriting and editing services uphold the reputation of my clients and myself.

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