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What Happened When One Reputation Manager's Dog Got Fleas

There’s a Big World Out There: How to Promote Your Online Reviews Offline


How You Can Get More Patients Using Google My Business Posts


How Online Reviews Can Help Tell Your Brand Story


How You Can Claim Your Business on Google My Business


What's the Best Way to Ask for a Review?


Creating the Online Reputation Management Plan That's Right for You


Does One Bad Review Really Matter?


The Rise of Fake Patient Reviews (Blog)


How to Decide if a Fire Pit is Right for You


How to Promote Your Online Reviews on Social Media


Fight the Good Fight: Stop Fake Reviews for Your Business


What an Independent Pizza Shop Thinks About Online Reviews


Doctors, Take Your Google My Business Profile to the Next Level: Add Video!


An online course for online review management. This course includes written content over eight lessons, which were written by Nancy. ReviewU also provides students with several flipbooks that were written by Nancy. Each lesson is accompanied by an introduction,  which includes a set, filming, and narration done by Nancy as well. Graphic design was also managed by Nancy throughout this project.

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The Best Review Email Response Templates

Learn from an Online Review Management Expert

How to Get Your Team on Board with Online Reputation Management

How to Do Online Reputation Management Yourself

Why Online Reputation Management Will Matter More in 2020

What is Online Reputation Management?

How to Integrate Online Reviews in Your Offline Marketing Campaigns

5 Stats About Online Reviews You Must Know

Remove This! When and How You Can Get an Online Review Removed

Creating content focusing on reputation management, businesses thriving online, technology, and medical marketing for RepCheckup and InboundMD, as well as external clients.

Pitch + Pivot
Buffalo Psych

Buffalo Psych


Headed by Dr. Patrick Mingledorff, Buffalo Psych is an online resource for mental health and psychiatry resources within the Buffalo-Niagara region. After noticing the large volume of need for an easy-to-navigate resource that allows patients to find the services they need, Dr. Mingledorff decided to launch Buffalo Psych.​


This project is managed by Novel Insight's Nancy Roque, who is handling the web design, information architecture, and content for the organization. 


Marketing & Design Collateral


As a part of my contract and freelance marketing work, I often create brand reviews, marketing proposals, and marketing guides. View some of marketing collateral with all identifying client information redacted. Included in this section of my portfolio are the spreads of two website homepages that I directed design for. Of these latter two projects, I also directed the design and content creation (over 120 pages) to finalize the two full websites.

View Sample Brand Review

View Sample Branding Guide

View Homepage Design 1

View Homepage Design 2

Marketing Collateral
HER magazine
Digital Features

Digital Features

In addition to writing for my agency and freelance clients, I also contribute to digital magazines and blogs in featured guest pieces discussing marketing, freelance work, writing, entrepreneurship, feminism, and navigating the workplace as a young professional.

From "Freelancer" to Full-Time: Make a Splash in the Marketing World

How to Get a job in a Digital Marketing Agency

A Day in the Life of a Creative Operations Manager

3 Things Every Blogger Should Avoid to Increase Their Brand Reputation

Boosting Your Business’s Online Presence with Strategic Listings Management

Why You Should Never Run Another Marketing Campaign Again Without Analytics and Tracking


A woman owned-and-operated publication, HER magazine was created to elevate professional women. ​Publishing content aimed at helping the modern woman navigate workplaces and entrepreneurship, I began to contribute as a writer to the website in the spring of 2018.

Sorry, This Article is Still Buffering: How Women Can Communicate Better in the Office

When Every Day is a Sick Day: How Women with Chronic Illnesses can Succeed in the Workplace 

How to Maximize Your Non-Linear Work Experience


A task management tool built to help business manage their daily functions. ​is dedicated to helping project managers and employees alike become more efficient. Through dynamic and educational content, Cirkus is helping businesses understand the admin side of operations with a comprehensive tool and frequently-updated content.

What are the Project Management Fundamentals?

Process vs Procedure: What's the Differences?

17 Tips to Supercharge Employee Productivity

Risk Assessment Matrix – Complete Your Own Risk Evaluation

New Hire Checklist – What Should Be On It

Workflow Analysis

9 Challenges of Virtual Teams and How to Solve Them

The Importance of Team Work and Collaboration in the Workplace

How to Organize and Run Successful Meetings

How to Build a Great Team Culture and Healthy Work Environment

15 Simple Tips for Overcoming Procrastination

RX Ashlee



In 2018, I began a collaboration with medical entrepreneur, Ashlee Klevens Hayes, to expand her career coaching and motivational brand – Rx Ashlee. Between bi-monthly content, monthly newsletters, and branded social media posts and graphics, Ashlee is able to reach an audience of medical professionals who are ready for a change. 


The goal? To work one-on-one with each client to help them turn their traditional roles in pharmacy and medicine into extraordinary and untraditional careers.

Following the success of her blog, Ashlee and I began working on informative content, social media posts, infographics, downloadables, and newsletter to further educate her clients and web users on nontraditional pharmacy roles and how to take their career to the next level. 

The Pharmacist's Guide

The Pharmacist's Guide


In 2019, I began an on-going collaboration with Joanna Lewis of The Pharmacist's Guide. Founded by Joanna Lewis, the Pharmacist's Guide is a platform used to elevate the careers of like-minded professionals in the pharmacy and medical space. Through publishing novel articles, newsletters, downloadables, and social media posts, Joanna hopes to inspire a new wave of professionals to pursue non-traditional pharmacy roles.

Pharmacist's Guide to Transforming burno
The Pharmacist s Guide-page-001.jpg
Written for Couture USA (Alex Camille, LLC), these blog samples reflect topics pitched and approved during team meetings according to ongoing trends and news. 
WNY Fire Pits


A client of Pitch + Pivot, BabyTEL is a Montreal-based VoIP company that has been serving businesses across Canada and the United States.

Digital Natives Hold the Communication Industry's Future in Their Hands

Talking to Robots: The Future of Human and Machine Interactions

Why Call, When There's Video?

Sorry, I Was Talking to My Phone




Written for private clients through the HOTH, these blogs represent the requested topics, reading level, and voice of the company. This is a snapshot of over 150 pieces of freelance copywriting.

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