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3. Leadership and Management: Students will master the theory, knowledge, and skills necessary for entry-level performance of leadership and management responsibilities.


3.1. Students will use strategic planning processes to guide the direction and progress of an organization.


3.2. Students will develop plans for organizing personnel and resources for accomplishing organizational goals and objectives.


3.3. Students will develop plans for funding and marketing programs and services.


3.4. Students will develop plans for evaluating and monitoring progress on organizational processes, programs, and products.


       I have elected to write a cohesive statement responding to each of the above learning goals for library leadership and management. As a part of the Introduction to Library Administration (LIS 6409) course, students were expected to study different leadership styles and theories in order to create a major project exploring a leadership method and its relation to libraries. For that project, I decided to study the feminist leadership style and demonstrate how this style can be beneficial to the library system. Leadership, as a whole, focuses on the goal of creating a business entity that provides the best service to its patrons. In the case of libraries, proper leadership and management will not only allow the library and its staff to provide wonderful service, but it will also serve as a model for the community. Underrepresented groups, such as women and minorities, would benefit from seeing more minority group members in positions of leadership, which could make libraries more welcoming and accessible to all members of the community.


          Additionally, I have produced numerous policies and studies that focus on library leadership and management in terms of creating a social media presence that is approachable and professional, reviewing the benefits of popular theories of leadership, and reviewing diversity in library leadership. These studies, though some were hypothetical, have allowed me to develop the skills to feel comfortable with leadership, working with professional groups, and creating the necessary documents to put plans and policies into action. The strategic plan that I created focused on a new library program supporting writers of the community by providing a meeting place for workshopping, feedback and librarian-assisted research when necessary. The creation of this document relayed the importance of professional presentation, elaboration and clear communication of the idea.

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