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Papers & Research:
Courses & Affiliations


Fall 2014:

  • LIS 6603 - Basic Information Sources and Services

  • LIS 5937 - Teaching Information Literacy

  • LIS 5020 - Foundations of Library and Information Sciences

  • SOLIS (Student Organization of Library and Information Science)


Spring 2015:

  • LIS 5937 - Wikipedia Governance

  • LIS 5937 - Human Rights & Libraries

  • LIS 5937 - Social Media for Information Professionals

  • LIS 6711 - Organization of Knowledge

  • SOLIS (Student Organizations of Library and Information Science, USF Chapter)

    • Elected Archivist as of April 2015

  • IWCA (International Writing Center Association) member

  • FLA Library Day USF student support volunteer

  • FLA (Florida Library Association) member: REFORMA, FACRL, GBLT Library Services Support


Summer 2015

  • LIS 5937 - Libraries as Cultural Heritage Centers

  • LIS 6542 - Curriculum and Instructional Technology Design

  • Internship experience at the USF Special Collections Department

  • Nominated recipient of the H.W Wilson Scholarship for Fall 2015

  • Attended the Florida Library Association conference in Orlando, Florida


Fall 2015

  • LIS6409 - Introduction to Library Administration

  • LIS6946- Fieldwork - Internship at the USF Special Collections department

  • LIS6271 - Research Methods

  • Graduate Assistant


Spring 2016

  • RED5565 - Literature in Diverse Society

  • LIS6511 - Collection Development

  • LAE6315 - Writers & Writing: Trends and Issues

Statement of Integrity:​

The information and materials found on this website, or any platform that is linked to me, are truthful and representative of my own work. Unless otherwise noted as a group project, each piece has been solely curated by me and is attached to the appropriate citations to any outside academic sources used.          


Acknowledging that this website is public, measures have been taken to protect the privacy of those involved in group projects who wish to withhold their names.

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