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Sexual Deviancy: A New Moral Code

An exploration of subversive literature and moral nihilism as a permitting factor of exaggerated sexual deviancy, as illustrated by the novels Crash and The Story of the Eye.


Student Motivation: A Study

This examination of student motivation is a result of a Directed Individual Study conducted in the Spring Semester of 2014 and it focuses on the details of student motivation in college and the factors that influence boredom.

Project | 01
Singular Sensations

Singular Sensations was a creative project in 2012 that focuses on the unique moments of life that manifest themselves in odd, singular sensations that are rare to reappear. Writings were written personally or submitted to the blog.

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Project | 02
Shelf Indulgence

A short Instagram series that chronicled the personal relationship everyone develops with the experience of reading.

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Project | 03


A collection of fictional online dating profiles from the Romantic era to modern works, Canon-Connection is a creative project that births insight into the theories and achievements of authors, philosophers, and fictional characters into a socially relevant and shareable format.


(Work in Progress)

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